How it all began!

Immunity Booster

Great for those suffering with a sore throat, upset stomach, congestion, and unwanted mucus. 

Blood Sugar Balance

Our Organic "Blood Sugar Balance" tea is a bitter blend designed to naturally lower and reduce blood sugar and lower cholesterol. It also contains detoxifying properties and actions.  May help to lose weight.

Lavender Body Butter

Are you suffering from dry skin or eczema? In need of a natural sun blocker? Or would like a natural product that is moisturizing and will have your skin feeling silky smooth? This product is right for you!

Thank you Jesus for Patrice I couldn't have asked for a beautiful intelligent kind hearted loving daughter-in-law. I have been praying that God would send someone to help me to control my diabetes. I was not eating the right foods to control my diabetes. My A1c was 8.6. I was 140 pounds. I was on insulin once a week and taking high blood pressure medicine and pills for my diabetes. I was a mess. Patrice said mom I am going to help you with God guiding me to get your numbers down! I started first with the tea that helps with my stress. Patrice created a vegan alkaline menu for me to follow. It was hard for the first two days being on a vegan change of life menu. But I pushed through. Then she created a herbal tea blend to control my blood sugar levels. I test my blood everyday. I am excited to say my A1c is now 7.5! It was 8.8 My weight is now 132. I test my blood everyday. It average about 108 before breakfast. And during the day it is 118!!! Recently, it ranges between 95-118. It has been hire than 200 prior to the help of Patrice. Her homemade body butter makes my skin feel so soft and smell so good. She is a blessing from God who is faithful in the gift for helping people to achieve their goals. She cheers you on and always has an ear to listen. I am truly thankful God gave Patrice to my son David, and the mother of my two beautiful granddaughters Ava and Alaya.

Linda B.